Making the Best Choice for Manpower in 2020

Now, more than ever, companies are having to make tough decisions in order to move forward profitably ~ especially when considering manpower.

Typically, they find themselves in one of two scenarios:

* The company that hasn’t had to reduce manpower…yet. However, they know that the current workforce will be difficult to sustain as time goes on. Month after month, they see that their costs related to labor are going up or, in some cases, remaining the same while they see their profitability going down. They know what makes sense moving forward but they don’t know how and/or where to scale down labor costs.

* The company that had to make the tough decision to cut back on manpower. Now, they’re appreciating the cost savings but they’re wondering if/when they’ll need to increase the workforce again. They see the benefits of running a leaner organization and they’d like to keep it that way in the future but how?

The reality is, that in EITHER situation, automation of the supply chain is the answer.

In the first example, there’s usually a reluctance, by those in decision-making positions, to decrease the labor force. Let’s be honest: No one wants to deliver bad news about layoffs, etc. It’s completely understandable.

But there also comes a time to shine the light on the segments of the supply chain that can be optimized. Sometimes, companies are blind to the areas of their business that could use further analysis to review their profitability.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That seems to be the motto of the companies that have been delaying automation…until now. 2020 has demanded that changes be made sooner rather than later.

In the second case, this organization sees and feels the payoff of the decision to reduce labor costs. However, discerning whether or not the best choices were made for the long term is difficult. The truth is: In the scramble to maximize savings, some companies cut manpower here and there without really giving it a second thought.

Now, the reality of the situation is sinking in. Smart choices, based on accurate data, need to be made moving forward. The knowledge gleaned from implementing automation is an invaluable tool for future efficiency.

A recent article from Hart Energy indicates “Difficult times call for digital measures.”

The reality is —> with cutting-edge automation software, the need for manpower is reduced forever ~ maximizing savings long term and giving production the boost it needs.

TAMS Live software is your advocate. With TAMS Live, your business can run more lean than ever.

Automating the supply chain is the right choice for your business TODAY. When you implement TAMS Live software, you’ll realize immediate cost savings that will skyrocket your profitability.

In addition, you’ll feel confident in your decisions regarding the workforce ~ knowing that you have all the information you need to optimize your operations.

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