How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Your Bottom Line

"Artificial intelligence” seems to be a buzzword that is thrown around a lot lately. So is it worth asking yourself what it is and how it could positively impact the supply chain of your business?


By its most basic definition, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. This is typically performed via data collection and analyzation.

“Because AI algorithms learn differently than humans, they look at things differently. They can see relationships and patterns that escape us. This human, AI partnership offers many opportunities. It can also bring analytics to industries and domains where it’s currently underutilized.” ~ SAS

Now, the real question: How can AI benefit you and your business?

First of all, it’s critical to understand that automation software increases margins and decreases costs in EVERY INDUSTRY. However, not all supply-chain logistics software is created equal. Softwares that employ artificial intelligence offer the biggest advantage for overall productivity and future success.

With TAMS Live software, everything is being evaluated behind the scenes. AI is always collecting historical data on every truck, route, product, etc. Then, based on that information, this powerful tool makes suggestions to optimize operations across the entire supply chain.

Let’s take a look at how automation with AI can benefit your business:

For trucking companies, AI can gather and analyze data relating to routes from a terminal to the job and suggest a better, more efficient course.

From an operations perspective, if a supply-chain coordinator needs sand, AI can propose a vendor with a quality product that is closest to the job site.

AI can also offer recommendations for trucking companies that are a preferred option to supply fuel, water, sand, etc.

In addition, AI uses the historical data collected to vet the quality/performance of each vendor and their product.

As you can see, artificial intelligence is constantly striving to improve supply-chain management through its powerful and efficient suggestions.

In another illustration of AI’s many advantages, it can also recommend corrective action.

Let’s say you have a hotshot order. The vendor that you typically use indicates lead time for the order is 15 hours.

The artificial intelligence advises that there is another vendor available whose lead time is five hours.

Obviously, it's the job coordinator’s final decision as to which vendor they’ll use for the hotshot order. In this case, either they cut the lead time by two-thirds and use the vendor chosen by the artificial intelligence OR open up an opportunity for discussion about utilizing the AI’s suggestions in the future.

As demonstrated by the examples above, you will see how your business can benefit DAILY by using a supply-chain software with artificial intelligence. It’s not a one-time thing that only happens on rare occasions. It’s ongoing support working FOR YOU 24/7.

Artificial intelligence is your friend. Let it help you make the best choices for your business NOW.

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