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In today’s new normal, all companies are striving toward leaner operations and automation of the supply chain plays a key role moving forward. But not all automation is created equal and not all supply chains are “cookie cutter” across each industry. As such, TAMS Live software is easily adjusted to consider and meet all YOUR specific business needs thereby maximizing your benefits.

It’s true. Automation increases production potential. The time is now to optimize your efficiency and move your business forward with cutting-edge technology.

TAMS Live software is your advocate. You can seamlessly transition from outdated paper- driven processes to instant, at-your- fingertips, real-time visibility across the entire supply chain.

  • TAMS Live takes the mystery out of material, inventory and logistics management unlocking the opportunity to operate more efficiently than ever. You’ll see an immediate increase in profitability when you can easily track the cost and movement of products and equipment whether at the well location or the facility.

  • In addition, you won't be waiting for weeks or months to reconcile the job. You'll be appreciating TAMS Live unique ability to reconcile within 24 hours. Instant, accurate reporting on cost and efficiency is a game changer for your business.

  • Imagine making the entire supply chain visible to everyone in your organization 24/7. With a 360- degree view, the whole team - sales managers, job coordinators, truck drivers, warehouse admins, finance department - could increase their efficiency and have a major impact on your company's bottom line.

  • TAMS Live software provides this seamless communication across platforms, making everyone’s job easier and getting you the business insight you need to help you make the best decisions on the double.

    Plus, with instant, on-demand access, everyone has a seat at the table including operators, vendors, service and transportation companies.

  • Managing demurrage has never been easier with TAMS Live software. By giving you complete control and visibility across the supply chain, if there’s any issue with a job, loads can be quickly diverted or rescheduled.

    On top of that, if a load is diverted, the cost will follow the load and be applied to that job ~ no paperwork, no confusion. It’s smooth and seamless.

  • We all know the inaccuracy of freight accruals can wreak havoc on your reporting. TAMS Live software offers 24/7 real-time cost monitoring so EVERY number is accurate and up to date. You'll feel confident submitting each month's report KNOWING it's detailed, precise and true.

  • Real-time alerts and a 360-degree view of the supply chain help you minimize NPT. Navigating equipment issues or other supply- chain problems is easy and instant.

  • As you know, selecting the best vendor for a job is vital to the bottom line of any business. TAMS Live includes innovative artificial intelligence that vets vendors based on API standards together with historical data collected about the vendor’s performance as well as the quality of the product provided by the vendor.

  • This is just one of the ways TAMS Live is able to make sound, time- tested and reliable recommendations for the optimal vendor to get the job done and done right.

  • Making decisions about manpower can be tricky nowadays. Your business may have slowed and you have more than you need OR you’ve downsized the workforce but wonder if/when you’ll need to rehire.

  • TAMS Live makes it easy to see where you need manpower and where you don’t so you’ll feel confident moving forward and making choices that boost profitability now and in the future.

TAMS Live is the innovative supply-chain management software you’ve been waiting for and the solution your business is demanding NOW.

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